How can creators monetize their communities?

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Art creators and their success stories 💯

There’s a reason why we all love stories and especially those that make us feel — if they can do it, so can I. 😎

Today, Aparna, one of our Growth marvels, will take you through similar stories. So, let’s qoohoo!


Like most other youths, I am an engineering graduate. And as they say, engineering is the gateway drug to following your passion. So, it was kinda obvious for me to follow my passion. I picked up Mandala tools and pens and started my journey to become a Mandala educator.

But it was so overwhelming and difficult to monetize in my initial days. I was a new content creator on Instagram with less than 2k followers. So, I had nowhere to go. But then through my contacts, I found out about qoohoo. And it changed the game for me! 🤩

I was able to monetize my relatively new audience on Instagram, and it was such an empowering moment in my life. I earned INR 40K in my first month at qoohoo. It was special for me because it was the first time ever I was monetizing my art form. 💰

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Aparna with her artwork.

The earnings kept on increasing and that got me thinking. 🤔

What if other creators like me, who are just starting their journey or have built some audience want to monetize their audience? There was no better solution than qoohoo in my head. So, I joined the qoohoo team to empower and help grow more and more creators at scale. 🚀

Thus, I set out on a mission to onboard my favorite creators whom I looked up to with respect to Mandala art and other categories as well. 🥰

And one of them is Ankita Roohja. Her dear followers on social media know her popularly as Artistic Roohja. By profession, she is a doctor and her passion for healing people doesn’t stop at hospitals, she heals through art too. 👩🏻🎨

Artistic Roohja and her beautiful artworks.

Before I reached out to her, Ankita used to run a unique self-paced Mandala Art course through different WhatsApp groups. She had to manage them manually by going through multiple chat messages for payment screenshots, verifying them, and resolving queries. She should have been called a Wonder Woman, and indeed she is! 🦸🏻♀️

I shared qoohoo’s vision with her, of monetizing her community effectively, and I connected with her instantly. The spark and belief in her experimentation just mesmerized me. 😍

She started by engaging with her community through a free channel at qoohoo. In January 2022, she launched her Mandala MasterCourse, and she never stopped then. Be it promoting her course through different platforms to trying out launching new courses, she explored different monetization features available on the qoohoo app and engaged her community like a pro. 💯

Through her efforts and qoohoo’s features, she has seen a huge growth in her own potential and earnings as well by helping more than 6000 students to learn this beautiful art form! She sure has mastered the art of selling and, umm Art! 😉

Along with Ankita, I got connected with Chetna Singla, who has one of the brightest smiles and is an extremely talented artist.

At an age when most of the youth are trying to find out their career path, making plans about future studies, or catching Pokémon on their smartphones, Chetna had already set up her art studio in Delhi and was teaching students online through her LIVE classes.

But, like most other creators, she had to go through the vicious cycle of managing the payment screenshots, verifying them, adding members to a WhatsApp group, creating meeting links, manually reminding them about fee renewals, etc. How can an artist find time for himself/herself when these mundane things take much of their attention and energy? 🥲

Again qoohoo came to her rescue. I had a brief video call with her where I showed her the possibilities of monetizing her community on qoohoo. Chetna loved the idea and immediately hopped on to become a creator on qoohoo.

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Chetna's qoohoo profile.

She launched her courses, sells her eBooks using Premium Content, and even created paid WhatsApp groups using qoohoo for her classes. Along with this, she keeps on experimenting with collab workshops with other artists on Instagram. 😎

Amazing, isn’t it? That’s what we all felt too when we saw multiple creators create a sustainable and regular source of income using qoohoo. 😉❤️

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