How to launch paid channels on Telegram? πŸ’°

You won't believe it, but there are thousands if not lakhs of admins who are monetizing their communities on Telegram. 🀯

Creators ranging from the Finance to Education category, have a great affinity for this chat-based social networking platform and its creator-friendly features. And it has become a great source of income for these creators who are experts in their fields. 🫰


But how do they do it? 🧐

Most of these creators have a Public channel on Telegram where they aggregate their audience. Here they share some exciting content, offers, and sneak-peek of their Premium exclusive content, for which they have a secret Private channel on Telegram. 🫣

Users then make payments to them via UPI, direct bank transfer, etc. to join these Private channels. The admins then verify the payments by going through a tsunami of notifications and finally once they have matched the transactions, they send a unique joining link of the private channel to the user. πŸ₯΅

Telegram creators and their users' current journey πŸ‘€
Telegram creators and their users' current journey

It feels like so much work. AND IT IS! 😀

That is where Telegram automation by qoohoo fits in! 😎


What is Telegram automation? 🀨

Telegram automation is one of the many features available on the qoohoo which makes the lives of Telegram group admins, content creators, artists, educators, and...basically everyone who wants to monetize their audience or community, much simpler and hassle-free. 😍

Ain't that amazing? 😏

So, instead of going through the arduous process of verifying the payment screenshots, then generating the one-time invite link for each subscriber, and then manually removing him/her/them after the expiry of the subscriptions, the admin can now relax and have some more time for their learnings, creating some more exciting content, or just finish that damn TV series that you have been postponing due to ineffective time management. πŸ“Ήβ€

And yes, you can automate your existing Telegram groups and channels too using qoohoo, ain’t that super-amazing? All your progress is saved and ready to take you on another level of this creator journey. πŸ“ˆ

Then what is the wait for? Head on to the qoohoo app and start generating a consistent stream of income from your Telegram channel. 🌟


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